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NMDWS Website Redesign

New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions

The UX/UI Bootcamp at the University of California Irvine tasked us with redesigning the NMDWS website to give individuals without employment the best possible experience while filing for benefits. Some of the techniques and tools we used were: proto persona, site map, user journey, design principles, A/B testing, gestalt principles, usability testing, Figma and Github

Product Overview

The NMDWS website is a real state unemployment website which main goal is to improve poverty rates and employment



Somesh Kusre - UX | UI Designer

Peter Wang - UX | UI Designer

Alicia Soriano - UX | UI Designer


Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to improve the user experience of the NMDWS website, since filing for benefits can be tedious, frustrating and an overwhelming experience. The current version of the website is confusing, since content is unorganized, making it difficult for users to find the right webpage to file a claim.



Filing for benefits is tedious, frustrating and an overwhelming experience.


To organize content and make it easy for users to find the right webpage to file a claim.



  1. Preliminary Research

  2. Sitemap Redesign

  3. Navigation Bar Redesign

  4. Pattern Library Redesign

  5. Mid-Fidelity mockups - Welcome Screen

  6. Mid Fidelity mockup - Starting a Claim screen

  7. Mobile Wireframe Creation

  8.  A/B Testing - Mobile and Desktop Version

  9. Style Guide Creation

  10. Final Wireframes

  11. Testing Plan and Next Steps

2 (2).jpg

Style Guide

We decided to use the colors of the existing logo which includes blue, red and yellow.

Blue= Reliability

Yellow=Optimism and energy

Red= Urgency  


Primary font= Raleway Heavy

Secondary font= Roboto Condense 

Raleway Heavy is impactful

Roboto font is light, smooth and standard

Voice and tone= Serious, Casual, Respectful and Enthusiastic. These choices are reflected on the labeling of headers and buttons.



My team was able to successfully redesign the New Mexico Unemployment website by improving the filing a claim process. By doing this, we are now able to provide users an easy and effective user experience.


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